Creative Drink Venture

Rejoice Coffee Co. began in New Westminster in 2021 and was created by independent entrepreneur, Sky Choi. The business is still in an incubating stage, moved onto a new shared kitchen with Cocoaro Craft Chocolate in Port Moody in May 2022. The business began with Sky’s passion to bring delicious and quality coffee from farm to people’s door with intention to introduce healthy and quality beverages that are socially responsible. Sky loves to serve his community, Port Moody and beyond. As he is a full-time pastor and church planter, he wishes this venture could be a way to meet more people in his community.
Rejoice Coffee Co. only uses Hand-roasted coffee beans that are freshly roasted before extracted with an Espresso machine or Cold Brew system. Coffee beans are either direct-trade or fair-trade products from around the world so that everything is produced sustainably as possible. In May 2022, Rejoice Coffee took the initiative to completely change from cow-based milk to plant-based vegan milk called, NotMilk.


Which country? What ground level? Temperature? Brewing time? What method? Coffee is very sophisticated. Everything is engineered with an original recipe. Every drink is unique. Made with love & awareness.


43% of people aged 18 to 34 said they have lower energy if they don't get their daily java jolt. We prefer healthy choice for less profit. Organic + 100% Natural ingredients, Vegan/Non-dairy, Kosher, Non-GMO ingredients.


The longer coffee beans sit on the shelf, the less flavourful the coffee is. Nothing can beat the freshly roasted coffee. No more stale coffee for your morning routine. Why not drink fresh and healthy cup instead?


Rejoice Coffee Co.